Our Story


Meet The People Behind Molave

Behind every happy home is a happy family.
And behind a well-built house is a great team of experts.
Molave only gets the best to create the best for the family.

  • Arch. Luigi Antonio

    Architect Luigi Antonio comes from a family of architects. His grandfather is the National Artist for Architecture Pablo Antonio. His father is Pablo Antonio, Jr., and his uncles Ramon and Chito Antonio are well-known architects. After graduating from the University of the Philippines in 1993, Luigi worked with his dad at Pablo Antonio Design. Five years ago, he started his own company, LVA Design Services. Among his projects include more than 100 houses and resorts.

  • Engr. Robert Alomia

    Structural Engineer Alomia is a very traditional and conservative engineer who is experienced in designing a structural plan over and above the building code. Some of his works during his 27 years of experience include high-rise buildings of major developers, large hospitals, suspension bridges particularly in San Francisco and other cities in California and houses in exclusive subdivisions. He has extensive experience with designing structures located in high-seismic zones.

  • Engr. Ferdinand Velasco

    Electrical Engineer Ferdinand Velasco has been known to design the electrical plans of large houses in exclusive villages and high-rise buildings with safety as the number one requirement. There is no room for error when designing and implementing this crucial part of house construction.

  • Engr. Maximo Ecleo

    Sanitary Engineer Ecleo is one of the most renowned rainwater recycling system designer. Among his projects are the 51-storey Roxas Triangle Towers, BDO Rehabilitation North and South Towers and the first Toyota Alabang Dealership Building.

  • Engr. Adrian Dizon

    Engineer Dizon comes from the second generation in a family of builders. A Registered Civil Engineer and a licensed Geodetic Engineer, he started his career as an Engineer of Multi Development & Construction Corporation (MDCC). He was in-charge of large-scale projects like the architectural and finishing works of Shangri La Makati, EDSA Shangri La Hotel, The Forbes Tower in Makati, the RCBC Theater, amongst others. He established his own company in 2010, focusing on residential and selected commercial projects.  His projects ranged from small and medium scale private residences and offices to large scale.

  • PM Joseph Ng

    Project Manager Joseph Ng’s extensive experience includes being the head of 32 construction projects during his stint in Megawide Construction. He was also the Project Supervisor during his term in Smart Communications overseeing antenna towers making sure these towers can withstand the strongest storms. He audits the work of the site engineers in performing their respective scope of work at each site. For Molave Home, he ensures that the quality of the work in each wall, floor, ceiling and room meets the highest standards set by the company.

  • Engr. Mario Maambong

    Site Engineer Mario Maambong is the key person in-charge of the Molave construction site. He oversees the foreman, the leadmen and the workers perform their tasks daily, weekly and on a monthly basis. He ensures that every detail has been met with precision. Arch. Mario has worked extensively in construction companies here and abroad. He was recently the project supervisor for a large construction company in Saudi Arabia.

  • C.R.O. Marie Fe Dolleton

    Customer Relationship Officer Dolleton, or “Mappy,” will make sure the Molave “promise” will be fulfilled. She will be ready to answer your concerns within her capabilities making sure your experience with owning one of the best homes in this category will be a pleasant one.

These men and woman made sure to make every detail count and to give you the best house they can build.