A Dream for Two Families

A Dream for Two Families

February 1, 2017

One of my favorite movies I have ever watched was “Heneral Luna.” Aside from the sense of nationalism and passion of the general that you see and feel, it showed a perfect example of a different type of caring. A selfish type of caring. This was the scene where the general ordered the soldiers to be transported to a strategic position to complete the barricade preventing the Americans to advance. The officers, including Heneral Luna, were having their snack and a private reported to them that the train was full of the soldiers' families. Heneral Luna got up and entered the train, passionately angry and cursing the passengers, and told all of them to leave the train.

Sometimes, we are so preoccupied with the needs and dreams of our family members that we forget about helping those who also have needs and dreams. We think about this for sure but making the charity happen is a challenging thing to do. And we want to change this. At Molave Home, we made sure that a dream of one family is tied to the dream of a family who is more blessed in life. Molave Home partnered with Habitat for Humanity. For every invested home, one home for a family whom they do not know and who lost their home during the Bohol earthquake, will be fully paid for with the investment amount.

As you know, charity begins at Molave home.



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